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Fours Steps Of Direct Email Marketing Campaign


Four Step Of Email Marketing Campaign


3. Create An Email : HTML Email / Newsletter in Email Marketing



Emails can be created and viewed text and HTML. Text emails are the plain, contain purely text only. If you have a Windows computer, and you open up notepad and type there, you will be creating a pure text file without other formal. Text emails are smaller, and plainer. HTML emails are the emails with all things. HTML emails can contain images, different fonts and hyperlinks. HTML email is the use of a subset of HTML to provide formatting and semantic mark-up capabilities in email that are not available with plain text.  HTML email allows the sender to properly express quotations, headings, bulleted lists, emphasized text, subscripts and superscripts, and other visual and typographic cues to improve the readability and aesthetics of the message, as well as semantic information encoded within the message. Long URLs can be linked to without being broken into multiple pieces, and text is wrapped to fit the width of the user agent's viewport.

Components of a HTML Email


Components of HTML email or newsletter including header, subject line, personalize greeting, body, footer and unsubscribe link. Emaik Marketing , HTML email or newsletter.


Header Of HTML Email


Header of HTML email contain of   “to”, “from” and “reply to” fields. These are also chances to develop a relationship between readers and company through creating a perception of familiarity. The reader needs to perceive that the newsletter (HTML email) is somewhat unique and special for them and sent personally by the company. Using a personalised company email address (e.g. for the “reply” field creates familiarity, branding, and builds trust with the reader. The “from” address should also include the company‘s name. A meaningless “from” address which the reader cannot identify only serves to confuse the origin of the newsletter.

Subject Line of HTML Email


The subject line of HTML email could be the most important part of a HTML email. Subject lines help the reader in identifying the email, and also encourage the reader to open it then read it. The subject line is also examined by spam filters. Always remember to avoid words like “free”, “win” and “buy now”. Consistent subject lines with using the name of the company and the newsletter edition, can build familiarity and help readers to sort their inbox.

Personalised Greeting in HTML Email


With an email database that has entries for subscribers’ names, it is possible to personalise the greeting of the HTML email / Newsletter. “Hi Justin” can be better than “Dear Valued Customer”.


Body of HTML Email


This is where the content of a HTML email / Newsletter. Don’t be tempted to use too many images, images can increase the size of a HTML email, and it can obscure text when images do not load. Be sure that text is not on the image, but rather can be read without an image being loaded.

HTML email / Newsletter content that is relevant and something that subscribers will like and value, is vital to ensure the success of a direct email marketing campaign. Valuable content is informative and should address the problems and needs of subscribers. It is important to realise that the subscriber determines the value of the content of a HTML email, not the publisher.

HTML email or Newsletters can offer:

  • Humour
  • Research
  • Information
  • Promotions

However, avoid being marked as spam by staying away from words like “free”, “buy
now” and “discount”.

Footer of HTML Email


A standard footer for emails helps to build consistency, place to keep the contact details of the company sending the email. Footer of a HTML email / Newsletter can also include the privacy policy of the sender. One way to grow the email list is add a “forward to a friend” link in the footer. The most important part of the footer is a clear unsubscribe link.

Unsubscribe Link


unsubscribe link in a newsletter.


It is mandatory to have an unsubscribe link on all commercial emails. Interactive emails are best constructed with lightweight HTML capability allowing the email to open quickly. HTMP email / Newsletter helps to capture the user’s attention before he/she moves on. The structure must allow readers to scan and navigate the email easily. The length of paragraphs, emphasis through bolding and colours as well as sectioning information with bullets and borders all contribute to a well-structured email.


Email Marketing : Sending Of Email


HTML Email or Newsletter
Different types of HTML email or newsletters


Common sense tells you not on Monday morning or Friday afternoon, but it varies by audience. Testing will guide you. If the recipient has given permission to be sent marketing messages by email, then it is not spam. Users give permission when they tick a box that says “Yes, please send me offers from your company by email.” The email address can only be provided to another company if the user ticks a box that says “Yes, please send me offers from third parties selected by you by email.” Permission must be explicitly given to the company to be allowed to market to that user. Trying to gain explicit permission in a sneaky way will only annoy your users, and might result in your emails being marked as spam. HTML emails / Newsletter need to be tested across a range of email clients, and should be tested for a spam score, before being deployed.

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Four Steps Of Email Based Marketing / Email Marketing Campaign.


  1. Email Marketing Planning / Define Your Goals
  2. Develop Email List
  3. Create Email / HTML Email
  4. Email Marketing Report and Analyses