Develop Email List / Opt-in List / Opt-in Database




Fours Steps Of Direct Email Marketing Campaign


Four Step Of Email Marketing Campaign


2. Develop Email List / Opt-in List / Opt-in Database



Running a successful direct email marketing campaign requires that a business has a genuine opt-in database (opt-in list). This opt-in database, the list of subscribers who have agreed to allow your company to send them (subscribers) emails with marketing messages, is the most valuable asset of a direct email marketing campaign.

Permission must be clearly given by all people to whom emails are sent. Companies that abuse this can put their reputation in risk, and in some countries, legal action can be taken against companies that involve in spamming, send unsolicited bulk email. Growing opt-in database (opt-in list), while keeping it targeted, is a key factor of success in any direct email marketing campaign. The opt-in database needs only have one entry, the subscriber’s email, however the following should also be considered for the purpose of simple subscribers’ analysis and market segmentation:

  • First name, surname and title
  • Date permission granted
  • Source of permission
  • Gender
  • Country
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Occupation

Fields such as name, surname and title should be separated in your opt-in database. You should also gather date of birth as opposed to a subscriber’s age. However, don’t be tempted to ask for more information than is required. The more information a marketer can gather, the better she can customise her marketing messages, however, the more information a subscriber is required to give, the less likely he is to sign up. Further information can be requested over a period of time.

Sample Of Sign Up Fomr
Sample Of Newsletter Sign up Form


There are a numerous of ways to attract visitors to opt in to your opt-in database. Key is an email sign-up form / newsletter subscription sign-up form on a company web site is the more popular method. Visitors to a web site have already expressed an interest in a company by clicking through to the website, this is an opportunity to develop that interest further by invite them to subscribe company’s newsletter with a email sign-up form / newsletter subscription sign-up form.

Sample Of Email Sign Up Form
Banner Of Subscription with clear call to action.


Following is some guidelines for email sign-up forms / newsletter subscription sign-up forms:


  • Put the sign-up form where it can be seen, above the fold and on every page.
  • State your anti-spam stance explicitly, and be clear about how you value subscribers’ privacy.
  • Use a clear call to action, such as “please sign-up for special promotion.”
  • Tell visitors what they will get, and how often they will get it. Include a benefit statement to be a subscriber.
  • Ensure the email address is correct by checking the syntax.
  • Every interaction can be used to ask permission to send emails.

Offer something valuable for free, and ask if they would sign up to your newsletter at the same time (e.g. ebook, gift voucher, music track).  Don’t forget to add a subscribe box to the checkout process of your retail site. And use interactions at trade shows to ask for email addresses.


Email Sign Up Form /Email Subscription Sign-Up Form


An email sign-up is essential if a website offers a newsletter or frequent site updates they wish to let frequent visitors know. This sign-up list allows a visitor sign up for something on the web site, and saves the owner from sending out multiple emails alerting the users of the site to learn important information. Please visit "How to Create an Email Sign Up Form" for more information of creating sign up form. Create sign up form related to the database, you can get advice from web designer or programmer to create your own sign up form.

Free Email Sign Up Form


Some email marketing service provider provide free email sign up form / newsletter subscription form, webmaster just need to sign-up their services, set up your sign up form, copy the HTML code and paste into your web page. FREE web page sign-up form for webmasters that builds your email subscription list by automatically processing email signup / subscription requests from your web site visitors. It exists as a simple form on your web site (just paste in the HTML code) that asks your visitors to enter their email address to subscribe. The captcha code prevents robots from abusing the form, ensuring that only real people are signing up. As the webmaster, you can download either the complete list of all emails that have signed up so far, or a smaller list of only those new emails that have been added since your last download of the list. You can also clear the list, deleting the entire list from our database. All the processing is handled on the service provider's servers, so you don't need any technical knowledge whatsoever. 

Sample Of Free Newsletter Sign Up Form


All following email sign-up forms are free email sign-up form, you can try to sign-up and experience the process of double opt-in. Following just a sample, all the subscribers will be deleted after they confirm their sign-up, no any newsletters will be emailed to the subscribers.

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Please visit Email Marketing Service Provider for the free email sign-up form providers.

Four Steps Of Email Based Marketing / Email Marketing Campaign.


  1. Email Marketing Planning / Define Your Goals
  2. Develop Email List
  3. Create Email / HTML Email
  4. Email Marketing Report and Analyses