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Email Based Marketing



Email based marketing means different things to different people. Some people see email based marketing as a critical communication link between consumers and the brands they love and trust, others will people see email based marketing as an intrusive marketing tool. Either way, the email based marketing today faces tough competition from the email communication that is now the backbone of our digital lifestyles.

Five main functions of Email Based Marketing;

  1. Awareness - To make customer aware of your company or products by building imagery.
  2. Consideration - To bring your company or product into the consideration set (top two or three brands in the category) by consistently promoting the tangible benefits of your company and product.
  3. Conversion - To close the deal through a dialogue that overcomes barriers to purchase. To drive customers to sales channels (for example, call center) for conversion.
  4. Product Usage - To stimulate interest in other products and services, To drive engagement with brand, establish advocacy, and set the stage to up-sell/cross-sell.
  5. Loyalty - To broaden and deepen the relationship to promote renewals.

Email based marketing did not start as a marketing channel, it was a way in which to create real-time communications that eliminated geographic barriers. Email based marketing in a consumer’s mind, is not about marketing; it is about personal relevance. Personal and business messages are combined inside an inbox and fight for attention based on how effectively they can positively impact the consumer’s life.  When all is said and done, effective email based marketing doesn’t start with the most beautifully designed message, email based marketing begins by getting one of the five types of email into the consumer’s inbox and driving the right reaction from the reader.

Email based marketing is the most cost-efficient marketing medium available to organizations today. For example, marketers who leverage subscriber behavior and use that data to segment and target their subscribers deliver mailings that are nine times more profitable than their peers who simply broadcast.


Email Based Marketing Campaign  / Direct Email Marketing Campaign


Four Steps Of Email Based Marketing Program or Email Marketing Compaign


1. Define Your Goals


The first part of any email based marketing campaign should involve planning around the goals of the campaign we expect to achieve. These will probably be in line with the goals of your web site such as sales generated, web traffic, inquiry received est.  This embodies the totality of the email production process, but from a tactical perspective, strategy here applies to list segmentation and targeting. Targeting is the marriage of the segmentation of your list to the content or offer being placed in front of this segment. Additionally, in this tactical context, the strategic role defines the purpose of the email based marketing campaign and the manner of email acquisition, reactivation, and testing.

2. Develop Email List


Acquiring an email address / email list can be one of your taught tasks as an email marketer; however, ensuring that you are adhering to best practices to leverage your site traffic to its fullest for email acquisition will take some trial and error. Site registration and email acquisition should be a prominent part of your website. Many successful marketers, dedicate a portion of their home pages that is “above the fold” (meaning the primary area of focus on a web page that does not require the user to scroll down) to highlighting and promoting the link or sign up form to acquire email addresses.

3.  Create an Email


Production is where the mailing all comes together. The person handling this should be well-versed in HTML coding and database scripting, because they assemble the email. Coding HTML in email is different from coding an HTML web page. Although the tasks are similar enough that it is helpful for the coder to have HTML web page development skills, you should seek out someone who has experience working with HTML in email. Some email based marketing service providers supply web based program to non-programming user to create their HTML email/newsletter.    

4. Report and Analysis


Tracking, analysing and optimising is key to growth of your email based marketing campaign. Email tracking systems generate statistics in a user-friendly manner. Majority of email based marketing service provider supply different types of report for their users to evaluate the effectiveness of their email based marketing campaign.

Four Steps Of Email Based Marketing / Email Marketing Campaign.


  1. Email Marketing Planning / Define Your Goals
  2. Develop Email List
  3. Create Email / HTML Email
  4. Email Marketing Report and Analyses