Direct Email Marketing Software / Bulk Email Software




Email marketing software solutions makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to create, send and track professional direct email marketing campaigns that give you an extra edge.

Two types of Email Marketing Software as following;

  1. Professional Email Marketing Software
  2. Free Email Marketing Software


Direct email marketing is the process of sending targeted opt-in emails / newsletter to your permission mailing list. With the direct email marketing software you can reach out and communicate with your customers using an affordable, easy and effective platform. Direct email marketing has experienced an explosion in growth as businesses around the globe are harndessing the power of email marketing to send out promotional announcements, newsletters, coupons, press releases, and more. Email marketing software solutions makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to create, send and track professional direct email marketing campaigns that give you an extra edge.

Benefits Of Direct Email Marketing Software


  • A built-in database with unlimited email lists and unlimited email list size.
  • Easy to use email database filtering logic so you can select only qualifying people from your email list.
  • Automatic email bounce handling and unsubscribe handling.
  • Built-in email delivery server that frees you from email limits placed by your ISP.
  • Unlimited email message personalization is easy: just drop in any field from the database.
  • Easy, common-sense database functions: import, export, even edit your subscribers’ records.
  • On-screen HTML editor lets you build and preview your HTML email messages with no hassle.
  • Save, view and reuse an unlimited number of email campaigns.
  • Deliver unlimited email newsletters to subscribers.
  • Send email news alerts to subscribers.
  • Broadcast important email reminders to members or subscribers.
  • Email latest information or announcement to your suppliers, dealers or wholesalers.
  • Conduct public relations campaigns with subscribers.
  • Email your voters and constituents.
  • Send coupons or special offers to your customer base.


Professional / Paid Email Marketing Software


Professional or Paid Email Marketing software with full function and updated technologies, no limitation and advertisement in the newsletter you send to your subscribers compare with free email marketing software always with force ad in your newsletter. Professional Email Marketing software suitable for entrepreneurs look long term planning in email marketing of their business.


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Elite Email Marketing - Is Your Business Missing Out?
Elite Email Marketing
Create, Send & Track professional email marketing campaigns with ease. Full solution with mailing list management, email wizards, and live reports.


Interspire Email Marketer - Interspire's email marketing software includes everything you need to create, send, track and profit from email marketing.



Email Marketing Software - Create visually stunning, engaging email newsletters. Choose from over 103 HTML templates, paste in your own HTML or use the built-in message editor.


eNewsletter Pro Email Newsletter Management Software
eNewsletter Pro is server software for managing and distributing HTML or Text formatted newsletters via email. The product supports an unlimited number of mailing lists, newsletters, and subscribers. Each person can subscribe to one or more Newsletter Lists.


Free Email Marketing Software


Free email marketing software


Email Marketing Professional 2.0 is free email marketing software that allows you to create and send promotional emails in seconds. Seconds after installing, you will be able to send promotional ads, newsletters, coupons, and more.

Email Marketing Pro is a free email marketing software package that offers the following features:

  • Create bulk email and send countless personalized emails in seconds!
  • Easily Import your current customer list!
  • Customizable, built-in database of unlimited groups of people!
  • Automatic unsubscribe and bounce-back handling!
  • Email message personalization features, such as first and last name addressing!
  • Ability to authenticate to remote SMTP server!
  • Easy-to-use import/export functions to import customer lists!
  • HTML editor and text editor to customize email messages!
    Ability to send emails at timed intervals, to avoid server congestion or ISP limits!
  • Save and reuse any bulk email campaign!
  • Run reports to track unsubscribers, bounce-backs and campaign statistics.
  • It's free!

Download a copy of Free Email Marketing Software immediately to start your email marketing campaign.