4 Steps to Plan an Direct Email Marketing Campaign




Fours Steps Of Direct Email Marketing Campaign


Four Step Of Email Marketing Campaign


1. Define Your Goals




The first part of any direct email marketing campaign should involve planning around the goals of the campaign we expect to achieve. These will probably be in line with the goals of your web site such as sales generated, web traffic, inquiry  received est., with direct email marketing campaign being developed as a tool to help you achieve those goals.

You need to decide on the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your direct email marketing campaign as well.

Promotional emails will usually have an immediate goal:

  1. Subscribers make a purchase.
  2. Subscribers download a whitepaper.
  3. Subscribers request further information.

Newsletters tend to focus on longer term goals, and so your performance indicators (KPIs) become more important here. KPIs include:

  1. Open rate.
  2. Click-through rate.
  3. Number of emails forwarded.
  4. Return Of Investment (ROI)

A successful direct email marketing campaign is most likely to be the one geared at retaining and creating a long term relationship with the subscribers.

Four Steps Of Email Based Marketing / Email Marketing Campaign.


  1. Email Marketing Planning / Define Your Goals
  2. Develop Email List
  3. Create Email / HTML Email
  4. Email Marketing Report and Analyses