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Fours Steps Of Direct Email Marketing Campaign


Four Step Of Email Marketing Campaign


4. Generate Reports and Analyses Results for Email Marketing Campaign



Tracking, analysing and optimising is key to growth of your direct email marketing campaign. Email tracking systems generate statistics in a user-friendly manner. Key measurables for understanding of the performance of direct email marketing campaigns as following:

  • Number of emails delivered to subscribers.
  • Number of bounces (this should be separated into hard bounces and soft bounces).
  • Number of unique emails opened: an email can be delivered, but not opened.
  • Number of unsubscribes, significant or consistent loss in subscribers is a key of indication that you are not achieve the expectations and needs of your subscribers.
  • Forward rate / Pass on rate, high pass on rate (forwards) indicates that your list values the content enough to constantly share with others. Putting an easy “forward to a friend”  link in every email can increase this. Adding a sign-up link to forwarded emails will organically grow the opt-in list.
  • Click-through rates and conversion. These measures the effectiveness of an email via the links placed in the content. When a reader clicks through from email to a web page, these can be easily measured as a percentage against number of delivered, opened or sent emails. It reveals which content or promotion was the most enticing for the reader.

Based on above information, we can analyses the following to improve your direct email marketing campaigns;

  • Open rates across different subject lines and delivery times.
  • Optimal number of links in an email for click through rates and conversions
  • Different copy styles and copy length
  • The effect of video on delivery rates, open rates and conversions.

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Four Steps Of Email Based Marketing / Email Marketing Campaign.


  1. Email Marketing Planning / Define Your Goals
  2. Develop Email List
  3. Create Email / HTML Email
  4. Email Marketing Report and Analyses